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Accelerate data transformations with a low-code dbt alternative built for Snowflake

Discover why data teams are moving from dbt to Coalesce

  • Develop 10X faster

    Build data pipelines and transform Snowflake data in a fraction of the time with a powerful code-first, visual development experience

  • Build, transform & manage changing data at scale

    Support evolving Snowflake data projects with a sustainable way to standardize and govern data transformations across your organization

  • Deliver value as a team

    Empower every team member to ramp quickly and move projects forward with a platform that’s collaborative to the core

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Take your Snowflake transformations to the next level Move beyond dbt. Transform Snowflake data visually with Coalesce’s powerful development capabilities that accelerate and standardize data transformations.

Work smarter, not harder

Code as you see fit while automating the repetitive side of transformations.
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Tackle changes on the fly

Analyze pipelines and minimize the cost of changes as data projects grow.
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Transform data as a team

Collaborate across multiple projects with standardized templates.
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