existing pipelines

Too many requests, too little time

You know the feeling – as soon as you’ve put the finishing touches on your data pipelines, your business has changed to the point where they need to be rebuilt again.

But who has time to rebuild anything when requests from the business are piling up, data marts are proliferating, and every update takes longer and longer to make?

New data, no problem

With Coalesce, you don’t have to choose between rearchitecting your pipelines and keeping your data platform humming.

By building a flexible data model and automatically creating and documenting Snowflake-native code as you go, you can make broad changes to your pipelines with quick bulk edits and stick to best practices when implementing methodologies like Data Vault 2.0.

Stay ahead of the curve

Coalesce automatically documents your pipeline end-to-end so you can rapidly answer analyst questions, regardless of whether they’re repetitive or brand new.

Plan for incoming data and new requests by creating custom node types, applying changes and adding columns up- and downstream retroactively in just a few strokes.

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