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Coalesce is always looking to expand our growing partner network. We are bringing a fundamentally different product to the data transformation space and we’re beyond excited to share this with our partners and their customers. Here are a few of our existing partners:

What is the Coalesce partner network?

A global best-in-class partner ecosystem designed to enable data management professionals to efficiently transform data into business outcomes and insight.

Our vast network of resellers and service providers are experts in using Coalesce and the unique use cases that impact both small and large scale businesses.

The Founding Team at Coalesce was uniquely exposed to some of the largest and most complex data warehouses this world has ever seen. They have a combined 40+ years in the data transformations space and are committed to the success of their partners and customers.

Leveraging that knowledge and expertise, Coalesce built the first ever data transformation tool to leverage a column-aware architecture for supporting data projects at scale.

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Coalesce is always looking to expand our growing partner network. If you feel like you and your team would be a good fit, send us an email to connect:


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