Driving Success with Snowflake

Providing Snowflake expertise and efficiency

Hakkoda and Coalesce are perfectly aligned on a mission to help Snowflake customers maximize the value of their investment in the leading data platform.

As an 100% SnowPro certified partner, Hakkoda provides deep Snowflake expertise and a commitment to utilizing the best-in-class solutions in each piece of the modern data stack with the goal of delivering quality outcomes as efficiently as possible.

Committing to excellence together

Coalesce and Hakkoda are working together to help organizations of all sizes implement successful data projects and automate the manual, time consuming work required to build and manage data models at scale on Snowflake.

By combining the efficiency, speed and flexibility of Coalesce with Hakkoda’s technical and expertise, customers can rapidly refactor transformation logic when migrating from legacy platforms – and build data projects exponentially faster.

Laying the foundation for advanced Snowflake workloads

Hakkoda and Coalesce are teaming up to help customers keep pace with innovations in advanced analytics.

With the combined power of Coalesce, Hakkoda helps companies shorten the time it takes to achieve a high quality data model so they can focus on utilizing advanced Snowflake features like Snowpark, AI/ML, application development, and more.

Explore next-gen data transformations for yourself

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