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Take Snowflake data transformation to the next level with Coalesce

Coalesce is the only transformation solution designed to complement the performance, flexibility and scalability of Snowflake.

Together, Coalesce and Snowflake provide the perfect foundation to build streamlined data pipelines with ease and unlock the true potential of your data  – without the usual data engineering headaches.

When power meets precision

Coalesce and Snowflake deliver the development capabilities that data teams need to tackle data projects at scale.

Coalesce’s visual, low-code platform gives you the freedom to transform data in Snowflake as you see fit – either by writing code or templating data patterns to be used later. Build and push projects along quickly by taking advantage of automatically generated, Snowflake-native SQL and support for innovative Snowflake data engineering features like Snowpark, dynamic tables, AI/ML capabilities, and more.

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Snowflake customers can experience Coalesce’s full feature set by creating a free trial account directly from the Snowflake platform through the Partner Connect portal.

Designed for nimble Snowflake data modeling

Pursue a more efficient and agile approach to Snowflake data modeling by using Coalesce to bridge the gap between the conceptual, logical and physical designs of your data model.

Coalesce enables data teams to design and build pipelines at the same time while making iterative changes by loading real data instead of using empty tables. The result: a more dynamic and accurate method of Snowflake data modeling, made possible through efficiency, speed and automation.

Keeping cost-efficiency top of mind

Now you can execute more workloads on Snowflake while making sure that you’re getting the most out of every Snowflake credit used.

Coalesce helps enterprise data teams optimize the development costs associated with Snowflake data transformations by providing greater control over how data is processed and minimizing the amount of effort needed to maintain and adjust complex, repetitive code. The result? Doing more with the same amount of Snowflake credits.

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Don’t just take our word for it

Hear how FCP Euro revamped their customer experiences and surfaced insights across the company by using Snowflake and Coalesce to consolidate data silos, automate transformations and improve data governance.

Supporting data teams in every industry

Coalesce and Snowflake are committed to providing solutions and meeting the specialized needs of data teams in different industries, from financial services leaders to life sciences innovators.

Explore next-gen data transformations for yourself

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