Uniquely built for Snowflake

Take your Snowflake data transformations to the next level in the Data Cloud

A data team’s dream

As best-in-class solutions, Coalesce and Snowflake are architected to help data teams unlock and make the most of their data as quickly as possible.

Together, they deliver the performance, flexibility, and automation needed to build enterprise-grade pipelines – without the usual data engineering headaches.

Democratized and governed transformations

Just as Snowflake enables collaboration via governed, borderless data access, Coalesce opens up the process of data transformation (the T in ELT) to a broad spectrum of users and skill sets. Empower technical and business users alike to ramp quickly and work productively while enjoying full Snowflake functionality and auto-generated, Snowflake-native code.

Built for the future

Together, Coalesce and Snowflake create a scalable foundation for your data stack that can flex to meet current and future transformation needs. Deliver quality data and insights quickly and continuously, with minimal administration and maintenance.

Designed with cost efficiency in mind

Optimize the development costs of Snowflake data transformations with greater control over how your data is processed. Minimize the amount of effort needed to maintain and adjust complex code by automating repetitive, manual work.

Uniquely built for


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Learn how FCP Euro consolidated data silos and automated data transformations and governance with Coalesce to deliver better insights and customer experiences.

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