Transform your career at Coalesce

Our formula for a better workplace

Coalesce is a culture-first company. We strongly believe that our culture is what allows us to not only recruit world-class talent, but also retain it.

At Coalesce you can expect to experience radical honesty and trust in the workplace. Empathy for yourself and others. Support for continuous learning and improvement. Finally, last but not least, to have fun.

Benefits You Actually Want

  • Work from anywhere
  • 401k
  • Affordable health care plans
  • Equity
  • Take-what-you-need PTO policy (with minimums enforced)
  • Bi-annual company meet-ups (Maui and Sedona were our most recent trips)
  • Upward mobility

A Note From Our CEO

Since founding Coalesce, our mission has remained the same: to improve the lives of data professionals by helping them transform data as efficiently as possible. We aim to bring an end to the days of arduous manual coding and inflexible GUIs by providing a best of both worlds solution. Data transformations are at the very heart of the data analytics lifecycle and we believe that this long-neglected area finally deserved a modern day transformation, no pun intended. We can’t achieve our lofty goals without you, so please apply today and let’s get started!

“I could list many reasons why I wanted to join Coalesce, but if I had to pick my top, they would be the product, the people, and the incredible potential I see for our customers, and our business. Over the past few months, I have interacted with many Coalesce employees. They are a tight-knit team excited to grow the company and ready to take on any challenges they may face. There is obviously a focus not just on building a great product, but also on creating a great company culture. If I was ever going to leave Snowflake, it would have to be similarly focused on both customer success and employee satisfaction. ”

John Gontarz

Head of Solutions Architecture

“Joining a small startup and getting to watch it grow has been an amazing experience. Seeing the culture at Coalesce flourish and solidify as we expand as a company has been an excellent indicator to the success we’ve been seeing internally and externally! Not to mention I’ve seen many instances of us putting our money where our mouth is when it comes to collaboration and personal growth as I’ve begun mentoring team members. Choosing to come to Coalesce was one of the best decisions I’ve made in recent memory.”

Kyle Morgan

Software Engineer Team Lead

Transforming Data Together: The Story of Coalesce