Why I Joined Coalesce After Seven Years at Fivetran and HVR

When I joined HVR seven years ago as its first sales executive, it was a 20-person startup still striving to gain brand recognition and customers. To address and offset these challenges—all of them completely normal for a company at that stage, of course—the HVR team placed considerable emphasis on setting realistic expectations with customers and partners, and had a tireless commitment to deliver business value in a timely manner.

This coordinated approach to building customer trust was a key factor in our incredible success. HVR developed its data integration solution to address a critical data need by modernizing dated legacy platforms that had not been improved in many years. There was significant initial interest in the new solution, and customers appreciated our teams’ willingness to partner around product enhancements and our responsiveness in delivering.

As the number of satisfied customers grew from year to year, the workloads expanded within each customer as they put more trust in the solution and the HVR team. Over time, it became clear that there was an opportunity to apply additional automation to a portion of customer use cases that would further reduce their costs. The acquisition of HVR by Fivetran extended that effort, with the opportunity to deliver automated data integration solutions to on-prem, hybrid, and cloud environments.

From HVR and Fivetran to Coalesce: Shared values and vision

The HVR and Fivetran teams’ relentless focus on gaining customer trust opened up doors and created opportunities at some of the largest and most complex companies in the world. It’s incredibly satisfying to have developed such strong relationships with customers and partners.

Throughout my tenure at HVR and Fivetran, I also had the pleasure of working with Coalesce CEO Armon Petrossian and many of the current Coalesce team members in different positions within the partner ecosystem. I was impressed by their passion and work ethic, and by how well aligned we were in our approaches to both developing a company and ensuring customer success.

When Armon shared with me his plans for building Coalesce, the team he was putting together, and how the solution delivers on a valuable business outcome, I could not have been more intrigued and excited. Just like HVR, this was clearly another opportunity for me to go all in and support a team of experienced A+ players.

A customer-first sales culture to support a world-class product

Over my 25-year career in technology sales, I have been fortunate to work for both large, well-established organizations as well as with small, growing teams that were still working to find product market fit and build a strong brand.

I believe my experience and strengths align best in growing early-stage teams that are building trusted relationships with customers and partners. Supporting a culture where the customer comes first, and placing greater emphasis on time working hands-on with customers, partners, and internal teams, is a formula I’ve found great success with during my time in technology sales.

The opportunity for modernizing and automating data integration and management will continue to expand in the coming years, as the importance of data analytics in driving real business results gains the attention of business leaders across all industries, both small and large. Delivering a proven and cost-effective platform that can scale with a company and a broad portfolio of data sources and targets will be in high demand, and that is exactly what I believe Coalesce will do.

As the market continues to confirm its commitment to automation and data transformation, I am excited to join the Coalesce team in building out a world-class company that delivers incredible value and innovation to our customers. The time is now—let’s go!

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