Coalesce for Manufacturing

Automated data transformations for the modern manufacturing enterprise

Transform IT and OT data drawn from industrial source systems, tools and IoT devices into curated, business-ready datasets in a matter of clicks. Support smart manufacturing efforts, and infuse transparency and agility into your operations with a fuller understanding of how data evolves as it travels through pipelines.

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Tackle SAP analytics
at any scale

Centralize and prepare SAP data for enterprise-scale analytics with Coalesce, Snowflake, and Fivetran.

Fivetran enables the effortless movement of high-volume SAP data from siloed sources into Snowflake’s global connected network, the Manufacturing Data Cloud, while Coalesce provides a straightforward foundation to develop and manage data projects of all sizes.

Build updated, low
maintenance pipelines

Learn how to integrate and transform data from siloed SAP systems by automating the most manual and  time-consuming aspects of the enterprise ELT process.

“The combination of Coalesce and Fivetran has helped us reimagine how to get the most from Snowflake, by automating the most complicated and manual aspects of ingesting and transforming data.”

Ajay Bidani
Data and Insights Manager, Powell Industries

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