Coalesce for Data Vault

Connect and transform your data with a practical approach to implementing Data Vault 2.0

Design and develop your data vault more efficiently

Accommodate a growing number of source systems and changing data relationships with an automated and intuitive platform that scales as your data vault needs evolve.

Maintain consistent work on data vault projects with standardized, auto-generated code and repeatable templates for recurring data transformations.

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Level Up Your
Data Vault Automation

Learn how you can automate the manual overhead of building a data vault with Coalesce and Scalefree’s custom, open-source extension package.

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*Metrics sourced from customer engagements

Built to continually adapt and deliver Data Vault projects

Rapidly prototype and adjust your architecture with the help of git-based version control and customizable, user-defined macros.

Streamline the orchestration of your data vault with automated deployments and job scheduling capabilities, and monitor data quality with node- and column-level testing.

Data Warehouse and Data Vault Adoption Trends

BARC and Eckerson Research surveyed data and analytics leaders on the latest adoption trends in modern analytics environments, including architecture types, priorities, and automation.


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