Accelerating SAP Data Transformation with Snowflake’s Manufacturing Data Cloud

How Coalesce, Snowflake, and Fivetran are helping manufacturers maximize the value of their SAP implementations

Snowflake’s Manufacturing Data Cloud enables manufacturers to unite, enrich, analyze, and share their data in a seamless and governed way. It’s an exciting moment for the broader manufacturing industry, who can now execute critical workloads with the help of tailored solutions and data sets delivered by Snowflake and partners.

At Coalesce, we’re proud to announce that we’re partnering with Snowflake and Fivetran to help manufacturers generate more insights from data living in SAP systems by automating the most time-consuming aspects of the ELT process.

With this solution, manufacturers can streamline immense volumes of data movement with Fivetran, land and unite data in Snowflake, and use Coalesce to easily automate and standardize data transformations at scale.

Fivetran streamlines and automates data movement with:

  • Automated schema migration
  • Pipelines built to access all tables/reports available from data sources
  • Low-impact CDC (change data capture)
  • Customizable pipeline sync frequency
  • API change management
  • Ability to add new data sources from IoT systems and elsewhere in minutes

Customers can use Coalesce to apply standardized, scalable transformations with the help of:

  • An intuitive, visual experience that is code-first and GUI-driven
  • Full Snowflake functionality support and direct connection via OAuth authentication
  • Out-of-the-box templates for common data transformation patterns
  • Built-in column-level lineage, stored metadata for all warehouse environments

Snowflake's Data Cloud

Leading manufacturers like Powell Industries use Snowflake, Fivetran, and Coalesce to drive greater efficiency across supply chain operations as well as product quality and design initiatives, and to ensure greater confidence in data-driven decision-making with regards to product optimization and innovation.

“The combination of Coalesce and Fivetran has helped us reimagine how to get the most from Snowflake by automating the complicated, manual aspects of ingesting and transforming data,” explains Ajay Bidani, Data and Insights Manager at Powell Industries. “Our team can now build and execute on current projects while planning for future needs, knowing we have the flexibility to deliver and manage optimized pipelines at scale.”

Interested in exploring what this solution could mean for you? Start transforming your data today for free by creating a Coalesce trial account through Snowflake Partner Connect.

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