Cheat code enabled

Coalesce was architected from the ground up to address the challenges of modern data warehousing. Its unique column-aware architecture provides automated metadata and column lineage to quickly visualize the entire configuration of your data warehouse. This enables a new code-first, GUI driven user experience that significantly improves on existing tools for building and maintaining complex data transformations. Our configurable GUI provides speed and governance while maintaining the flexibility of templates, and an as-code approach. Users can edit, save, and share custom templates across their entire team to keep everyone on the same page. Is it a transformation cheat code? The only way to know is to try it for yourself.

Transformations evolved

Cloud data warehousing ETL tools weren’t built to handle complex data transformations, and yesterday’s transformation tools rely on antiquated CLIs and manual coding. Not anymore. See how Coalesce’s code-first but GUI driven approach enables your data team to build and maintain your data transformations like never before.

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Coalesce's unique code first, GUI driven experience is a fundamentally different approach to managing data transformations.

Efficiency for everyone

Existing ETL and data transformation solutions are designed to support engineers as they manually write code. Coalesce was built to help your entire organization do more with your data as efficiently as possible. Data architects, engineers, scientists, analysts, and consumers alike. Get started faster, and adapt to change easier.

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Architected for scale

Manually maintaining thousands of complex data transformations can quickly become the bottleneck for the effective use of your data. Coalesce is the only data transformation tool built from the ground up with a column-aware architecture, enabling users to automate the creation of metadata and column lineage documentation.

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Coalesce's unique code first, GUI driven experience is a fundamentally different approach to managing data transformations.

Coalesce & Snowflake – A Match Made in the Cloud

Snowflake's Former Chief Evangelist Kent Graziano details why this relationship is so powerful.

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Key Features

  • Template based SQL generation
  • GUI
  • Automated column lineage
  • Native GIT integration
  • Deployment planning
  • Data testing
  • Single Sign On
  • Macros
  • Multi-environment
  • Ready to try it? Get started today.

    Experience Coalesce’s full feature set at no cost; up to 50 nodes, 1 user, and 1 workspace for free.

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