Shaking up the “T” in ELT

Why is transforming data still such a pain?

Data transformation takes more time and manpower than it should – and it’s probably bottlenecking your analytics supply chain right now.

Coalesce helps you transform data your way, by making data transformations as efficient as possible. All so you can create quality data sets in a fraction of the time, maximize the impact of your team’s work, and take your data projects to new heights.

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Work smarter, not harder

Code as you see fit while automating the repetitive side of transformations. Coalesce combines the best that code-first and GUI-based solutions have to offer, blending them together for a powerful development experience.

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Effortlessly manage changes to your data at scale

  • Analyze the impact of changes to your pipelines by drilling down to the column level.
  • Minimize the cost of changes as your data projects grow with a foundation for more predictable DataOps.

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Transform data as a team

Empower seasoned data experts to do their best work while shortening the learning curve for new hires. Set everyone up for success with consistent data standards, governance across pipelines, standardized templates, and software engineering best practices.

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Boost data team productivity and time savings by at least * compared to similar solutions Get Demo

“There are very few products like Coalesce that allow for the flexibility and customization of generating sophisticated pipelines in a graphical way, where you can check your work step-by-step.”

Susan Kolesnikov
Data Engineer, Paytronix

Uniquely built for

Level up your data transformations by making the most of Snowflake’s power. Explore having a transformation platform designed for Snowflake.

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