Coalesce for Retail & Consumer Goods

Create data-driven, personalized experiences to boost customer engagement and brand loyalty

Stay ahead of changing market and consumer trends by transforming your Snowflake data into fresh, consumable datasets for data and business experts. Improve inventory management and build end-to-end supply chain visibility with data of any size or complexity delivered via trustworthy pipelines. 

Trusted by visionary data teams

Gaining real-time insights into customers

When big restaurant brands want to boost customer loyalty, they rely on a guest engagement platform powered by Coalesce.

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“Snowflake and Coalesce have allowed us to get to real-time modeling. We are now able to execute data science projects on a drastically different scale and our whole business model, in terms of what we are able to produce and the value we are able to deliver, has shifted.”

Jesse Marshall
Director of Data Science, Paytronix

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