Simplify your migration and sidestep sunk costs

Shorten your migration timeline

Moving to Snowflake can seem daunting, especially when it comes to migrating massive amounts of code and duplicating years of past work.

Luckily, Coalesce is flexible enough to work with your preferred migration approach, whether you’re looking to move off an existing platform quickly or take the time to lay a fresh foundation.

Rebuild pipelines at warp speed

It’s safe to say that there are other ways you’d rather spend your time than rebuilding your data pipelines. But it’s also the wisest and most sustainable choice when it comes to migrating onto Snowflake.

Luckily, you can rebuild pre-existing code in Coalesce at breakneck speed, improving your ability to meet and beat timelines for your migration milestones.

Capture every detail

Add context and depth to your migrated code by parsing out column-level metadata.

Coalesce’s parsing capabilities analyze and collect attributes embedded within your data by automatically generating columns and their resulting relationships for full end-to-end context.

Solve for quick fixes

Moving off of your current data platform doesn’t need to take months or become overly complicated.

Capitalize on the horsepower of Coalesce by simply copying and dropping your existing code into the platform and migrate your data pipelines with minimal time and effort.

Explore next-gen data transformations for yourself

Get Hours of Development Work Done In Minutes