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Data teams are constantly under pressure to deliver fast, credible insights while keeping data pipelines running smoothly. Coalesce offers a way to do both, and more.

Now you can build, manage, and iterate on data projects as productively and collaboratively as possible by mobilizing rich column metadata drawn directly from Snowflake.

Join us April 29 – May 3, 2024, for a week of education, events, and networking opportunities to learn how you can use Coalesce’s metadata-driven capabilities to accelerate even the most daunting data projects.

Data Trends

Metadata is the Secret to More Accurate & Intelligent LLMs

By Satish Jayanthi, CTO at Coalesce

Metadata is the secret sauce of a column-aware architecture that can enable even the most advanced analytics cases at scale.

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Virtual Hands-On Lab

Turbocharge Your Data Pipelines

April 30 | 10AM PT

Tune in for a live, virtual hands-on lab with Coalesce product experts. Create your first Coalesce data project while learning how to build Snowflake data pipelines 10X faster.

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Join us in person in the Bay Area

In Person

Snowflake Bay Area User Group

May 2 | 5:00 – 7:00PM PT | San Mateo, CA

Spend an evening networking and learning alongside fellow Snowflake users at Snowflake HQ in San Mateo, CA.

This meetup will feature Josh Hall, Product Marketing Data Engineer at Coalesce.io, who will demonstrate how to operationalize ML in your data pipelines using Snowflake Cortex ML-based functions with Coalesce’s data transformation platform.

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In Person

Data on Draft: Networking Happy Hour

May 2 | 7:00 – 8:30PM PT | San Mateo, CA

Stick around and join us for brews at Fieldwork’s San Mateo Beer Garden, just blocks away from Snowflake’s offices. Come thirsty and leave happy after an evening of networking and good conversations with fellow Bay Area data pros.

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What data teams are saying about Coalesce

Brandon Harris
VP Technology & Data, FCP Euro

“That’s the great part about Coalesce, column lineage is innate to the platform…It’s metadata as you’re doing the job. We don’t need to hire someone to build this documentation or this lineage every step of the way.”

Sarah Siron
Data Engineer, PetIQ

“Deleting or moving a column, altering the structure of a table or of a Data Vault item… was a nightmare to execute with our old solution. The column lineage in Coalesce has been extremely helpful for those modifications.”

Gu Xie
Head of Data Engineering, Group 1001

“That’s why we chose Coalesce – the automation, the templates, the streamlined iteration cycles…It’s easy to troubleshoot, apply changes and refactor the models as a result of the strong lineage that Coalesce tracks.”

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