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Developing and maintaining complex data pipelines remains one of the final frontiers of data warehousing, prompting data architects, engineers, and experts to look for simpler, faster ways to mold their data.

Now, the search is over thanks to column-aware architecture – Coalesce’s secret sauce and the inspiration for this special week in data history.

By harvesting rich column metadata, column-aware transformations give data teams unprecedented levels of visibility and control over their data pipelines–turning even the most ambitious data projects into achievable victories.

Celebrate this special week with us and explore how column awareness is changing the game for data experts in every industry.


Join our live events or participate in online discussions and dig deeper into how column-aware technology is shaking up the world of data transformations:

Live Podcast
Coffee with Coalesce Livestream

Wednesday, January 11
9am PST / 12pm EST

Learn how to maximize your data engineering impact and grow your career in 2023, with the help of an automated and column-aware solution. Featuring guest speakers Joe Reis and Matt Housley, authors of “Fundamentals of Data Engineering” and hosted by Armon Petrossian, CEO and co-founder of Coalesce.

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In-person Event
Column-Aware Cocktails – San Francisco

Wednesday, January 11 @ Spin
690 Folsom St (Corner of Folsom and 3rd)
San Francisco, CA 94107
4:30 – 7:30pm

Stop by Spin in San Francisco and unwind with an evening of good drinks, tasty bites, and even better company. Chat with data industry veterans, technology peers, and column-aware experts, along with host Ben Rogojan, the Seattle Data Guy.

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A series of short articles and videos showcasing the power and versatility of column-aware transformations.
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