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Coalesce is the only visual data transformation platform that helps data teams sustainably build, manage, and collaborate on Snowflake data projects at scale. Coalesce helps data teams work as productively as possible and de-risk their data projects by enabling an iterative, automated approach to data transformations and pipeline development. 

Coalesce automates in-database transformations, giving developers the flexibility to code as they like using an easy-to-learn graphical user interface (GUI) and codify repetitive work as needed. Coalesce enables data teams to extend and scale their projects using customizable templates for frequently-used transformations and by automatically generating standardized, best-practice SQL. 

Check out this demo for a walkthrough of the platform, or contact us for a personalized demo to see Coalesce in action. 

Coalesce uniquely collects, manages, and uses column-and table-level metadata for transformations. This is possible because of Coalesce’s column-aware architecture, which is novel for the data warehousing and ELT space. 

This architectural difference enables Coalesce customers to transform, track, and understand their data at a finer level of granularity than other solutions, surfacing more context on data lineage and how data evolves as it moves through pipelines.

Coalesce exclusively supports Snowflake’s data platform, as it was built to complement the speed, scale, and innovation of the Data Cloud. Coalesce offers full support for Snowflake functionality, allowing developers to take advantage of key data engineering features such as Snowpark, dynamic tables, streams and tasks, and more. At this time, Coalesce does not have plans to support other data platforms.

Start transforming your data today by launching Coalesce from Snowflake’s Partner Connect portal. With just a few clicks, experience Coalesce directly from Snowflake.

For teams with unique organizational needs, we have enterprise pricing packages. For more information on getting started, contact our sales team to learn more.

Coalesce never stores your data at rest, and data in motion is always encrypted. After pipelines are deployed to production, all data refreshes are performed entirely within Snowflake, meaning data never leaves your warehouse.

Coalesce is designed to be easy to learn and empower a wide spectrum of skill sets, ranging from data engineers and architects to data scientists and analysts.

By pairing an intuitive GUI with code-driven capabilities, Coalesce helps data teams get ramped up quickly and enables seasoned data professionals to get up to speed on projects in half the time, and maximize their impact by working more productively

Coalesce supports all data warehousing methodologies, including Data Vault 2.0.

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