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Coalesce is a data transformation tool that leverages a column aware architecture. It provides a code first, GUI driven experience for managing and building those transformations. Coalesce is the only data transformation tool built for scale.

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It’s the ability to leverage column names and mappings for easily applying transformations within a data set. For example, when creating a type two dimension, you can easily identify and track changes from specific columns such as address, name, phone number, or any other column in your table. Column-level lineage is a profound problem for organizations trying to be data driven and is compounded by how large the scale of the project is. Being column-aware also allows users to generate SQL in a graphical interface vs. a code driven IDE that requires that input manually.


A Snowflake account with some working data. Currently, Coalesce does not load your data into Snowflake.

Coalesce is built to serve a wide range of user profiles, from data engineers and architects to data scientists and analysts.

Yes! We have a free plan that enables full feature access, up to 50 nodes, and 1 user. Click here to start free. For teams that need more than that, we have enterprise pricing packages. Contact sales to learn more.

Coalesce automates in-database transformations. This means the scale of your platform is our parameters.

Customizations can be easily made in the templates that will generate the SQL code. These templates can be saved and re-used across your team to instill governance and consistency for users of all technical abilities.

Yes, as well as all other data warehousing methodologies.

We never store your data at rest. Data in motion is always encrypted. After deploying to production, the data refreshes happen entirely within Snowflake, and the data never leaves your warehouse.

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