Build new data pipelines from scratch

Start with a truly clean slate

Building enterprise data pipelines from the ground up is no small feat – and choosing Snowflake as your data platform is just the first step of what could be a long journey.

To make your vision a reality, you need a way to build pipelines sustainably and maintain the pace of development without creating technical debt or massive amounts of spaghetti code.

Take a streamlined approach

Coalesce opens up a versatile route to building enterprise data warehouses by creating standardized database objects quickly, and customizing with code as you go.

Speed up the time it takes to deliver value by transforming data in a flash with Snowflake-native SQL, and baking in your enterprise standards using flexible object templates that anyone on your team can reuse in the future. By designing, creating and iterating on pipelines in a fluid and governed way, you can make sure that they’re built to last.

Build for tomorrow, not just today

The trick to keeping your data warehouse practical and operational is to create a solid foundation with standardized code, comprehensive documentation and templates that can adapt to your needs.

This becomes almost too easy when your transformation platform generates full documentation for you, and gives you the ability to instantly analyze the impact of any changes before they’re made – all possible with Coalesce’s unique column aware architecture. The result? An enduring way to know where you’ve been, where you are and how to plan for future data projects.

Explore next-gen data transformations for yourself

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