Data Warehouse and Data Vault Adoption Trends

Modeling, Modernization, and Automation

Data Warehouse and
Data Vault Adoption Trends

This global survey of data and analytics leaders highlights the latest data warehouse and data vault adoption trends in modern analytics environments, including architecture types, priorities, and automation.


Data vault adoption trends
  • Only 33% of adopters say their overall implementation fully aligns with solution standards for architecture, methodology, and modeling
  • Only 65% of data vault adopters say they have been trained on the data vault 2.0 solution.

Top challenges
  • 50% Poor data quality
  • 49% Dependence on a few people or consultants
  • 37% Lack of automation

  • Focus on fundamentals
  • Double down on data quality
  • Automate with commercial tools
More than a third of respondents suffer persistent silos that deteriorate data quality, lower productivity, and hinder future rollouts.

62% of best-in-class companies say their automation is fully or mostly based on commercial tools rather than homegrown scripts. vs. 24% usage for laggards.

Companies place a higher priority on simplifying, accelerating, and governing their environments than they do on extending to new workloads, data types, or tools. Top requirements include:
  • 67% ease of use
  • 53% performance
  • 46% governance capabilities

About the survey:

The survey “Data Warehouse and Data Vault Adoption Trends” was prepared by Eckerson Group and BARC, an independent market analyst firm. The study is available free of charge thanks to the generosity of 2150 Datavault Builder, Adnia, biGENIUS, Coalesce, Ellie Tech, Ignition, infoVia, Performance G2, SqlDBM, TimExtender, Vaultspeed, and Wherescape/Idera.

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