Demos with Doug

Optimizing Retail Promotions and Profitability Forecasting with Your Modern Data Stack

Learn how you can improve the accuracy of promotional profitability forecasts with Coalesce, Snowflake and Sigma as the cornerstones of your modern data stack.

Join data experts Doug Barrett, Principal Solutions Architect at Coalesce and Jason Gordon, CEO of Price Right, as they explain how to use Coalesce for quick, nimble and cost-efficient data platform development that supports a financially reconciled reporting system.

This session includes live product demos and Q&A, co-hosted by Armon Petrossian, CEO at Coalesce. You’ll learn how to:

  • Unite and prepare siloed promotions, transactional and market data for profitability analysis and dynamic pricing models
  • Use Coalesce to build CI/CD Snowflake data pipelines
  • Optimize Snowflake consumption usage


Doug Barrett
Principal Solutions Architect

Armon Petrossian
CEO & Co-Founder

Jason Gordon
CEO Price Right Software Ltd

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