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How to get started

Don’t have a Snowflake or Coalesce account yet? Create a Snowflake trial account and launch your Coalesce trial account from your new Snowflake account using the Partner Connect portal – no additional setup needed!


Launch Coalesce with Snowflake Partner Connect

Start transforming your data today by launching Coalesce from Snowflake’s Partner Connect portal. With just a few clicks, experience Coalesce directly from Snowflake.



Take a tour of Coalesce

Learn how to build a star schema in Coalesce using the sample Snowflake data pre-loaded in your Snowflake account.

Discover how to automate the manual side of transformations and visually create and modify your data pipelines on the fly.


Build your first data project

Learn how to quickly transform and model sample data and explore deploying and refreshing your version-controlled data pipeline.

Follow our Hands-On Guide for step-by-step instructions on navigating the Coalesce platform with your trial accounts.


Attend a hands-on lab

Master the basics of Coalesce during a guided virtual or in-person lab with our product experts and partners. Designed for users of all skill levels interested in expanding their knowledge of Coalesce and partner solutions.


Dive into additional Coalesce capabilities

Explore the Coalesce platform by following our how-to videos and browse our documentation to learn how to get the most out of Coalesce.

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