Data Warehousing 101 with Coalesce

Best Practices for Planning, Building, and Operating 
Your Snowflake Data Pipelines

Your team is about to embark on its first Snowflake implementation. 
Where do you start?

The Coalesce data transformation platform enables data engineering teams to rapidly build data pipelines at scale with built-in software engineering best practices.

In this guide, you’ll find step-by-step best practices for building your data warehouse in Snowflake including:

  • Data warehouse layer fundamentals
  • Preparation
  • Development
  • Deployment
  • Operation

About the author

Doug Barrett

Principal Solutions Architect, Coalesce

As Principal Solutions Architect at Coalesce, Doug Barrett has over 25 years of experience working in data warehousing. Over the years Doug has run and delivered projects, designed models, and built processing frameworks with leading banks, retailers, airlines and companies around the world. Prior to Coalesce, Doug held consulting and solution architect roles at Clean Data, Microsoft and Wherescape.

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