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Group 1001 boosted data team productivity 10x with Fivetran & Coalesce.


FCP Euro revved its data stack with Coalesce & Snowflake under the hood.


Supercharge Your Data Transformations with Coalesce and Resultant.

Drag. Click. Code.

Coalesce’s unique code-first, GUI-driven user experience enables data experts to transform their Snowflake data in a new way. Users can leverage column-aware metadata for accelerating data transformations and the creation of database objects such as dimensions. Lose no flexibility with an as-code approach to edit, package, and share automation templates across your entire team. Take a look to see how Coalesce can help you build more efficiently, with better governance, and less manual coding.

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Deliver data today AND scale tomorrow

No data architect wants to manage thousands of database objects by manually coding or using widget-based transformations. No analyst wants to wait for their data. It’s time to evolve your transformations and empower your team with the only transformation tool built for scale.

Transformations evolved

Cloud data warehousing ETL tools weren’t built to handle complex data transformations, and yesterday’s transformation tools rely on antiquated CLIs and manual coding. Not anymore. See how Coalesce’s code-first but GUI driven approach enables your data team to build and maintain your data transformations like never before.

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Efficiency for everyone

Existing ETL and data transformation solutions are designed to support engineers as they manually write code. Coalesce was built to help your entire organization do more with your data as efficiently as possible. Data architects, engineers, scientists, analysts, and consumers alike. Get started faster, and adapt to change easier.

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Architected for scale

Manually maintaining thousands of complex data transformations quickly becomes the bottleneck for the effective use of your data. Coalesce is the only data transformation tool built using a column-aware architecture, enabling users to automate and enhance column-lineage, impact-analysis, and the creation or maintenance of database objects.

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“I love everything in our stack, but Coalesce is the secret sauce because it allows us to change things very quickly.”

Matt Tischler

CFO, RuffleButts

“Snowflake and Coalesce have allowed us to get to real-time modeling. We are now able to execute data science projects on a drastically different scale and our whole business model, in terms of what we are able to produce and the value we are able to deliver, has shifted.”

Jesse Marshall

Director of Data Science, Paytronix

“Coalesce enabled us to get our data warehouse into production faster than any other data transformation tool could have.”

Jody Swarbrick

Sr. Director of Analytics

“With Coalesce, we can now start to build a more scalable, more robust and resilient path from our raw data to our business data sets to generate insight for the business. We don’t need to keep the lights on, we don’t have to worry about code and scripts, and every little thing every step of the way, because we now have a platform to do this for us.”

Brandon Harris

VP of Analytics, FCP Euro

“Coalesce's column-aware architecture unlocks never-before-seen efficiencies for automatically generating data transformation code in the cloud (e.g., Snowflake).”

Kent Graziano

Former Chief Evangelist at Snowflake

“We chose Coalesce as the tool to transform our data on Snowflake over competing vendors. We love the intuitive GUI, the templating system, the simple to read generated code, and the very visual data lineage.”

BI & Data Analytics Tribe Lead

TotalEnergies Power & Gas Belgium

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