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Transform Snowflake data visually with Coalesce’s powerful development capabilities that speed-up and standardize data transformations. The result – your team working as one to deliver on data projects with unsurpassed quality and speed.

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Build manageable data pipelines of any size

Keep your analytics supply chain flowing by transforming data at the pace your organization needs. Automate the manual side of transformations and spend less energy managing code, so you can focus on delivering quality data projects that drive business forward.

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Why Coalesce

Transformations evolved

Deliver high-caliber data with confidence by visually developing data pipelines in a fraction of the time. Tackle complex transformations without sacrificing the power and control of pure code.

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Architected for scale

De-risk ambitious data projects by standardizing how data is transformed as pipelines grow. Manage the impact of potential changes with crystal-clear data visibility down to the column level.

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Efficiency for everyone

Empower every member of the team to get up to speed and contribute equally to shared data projects with a collaborative transformation platform that’s suitable for all SQL users.

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Exclusively Built For Snowflake

Take your Snowflake data transformations to the next level.

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Explore our data transformation platform with a guided, interactive tour and learn how to effortlessly create data pipelines of any size in a matter of minutes.

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Why data teams choose Coalesce

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Watch Story

“Coalesce's column-aware architecture unlocks never-before-seen efficiencies for automatically generating data transformation code in the cloud.”

Kent Graziano

Former Chief Evangelist at Snowflake

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“We chose Coalesce because we love the intuitive GUI, the templating system, the simple to read generated code, and the very visual data.”

BI & Data Analytics Tribe Lead

TotalEnergies Power & Gas Belgium

“It’s so much easier to use data than it has been in the past. Coalesce has been a game-changer for us.”

Dr. Kryijztoff Novotnaj


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