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Transforming Data has Never Been Easier

Coalesce is here to solve a common data problem.

Building and managing a fully documented data project takes a lot of time and manual coding. Not anymore. When we say we can help you transform data more efficiently, we can prove it.

Architected for scale

Column-aware architecture enables reusable data patterns and change management at scale.

Plan before you deploy

Bring visibility to change management and impact analysis for safer and more predictable data ops.

Template packages

Coalesce provides curated packages with best-practice templates to automatically generate native-SQL for Snowflake™. Have a unique need? No worries, templates are fully customizable.

Code first, GUI driven

Navigating your data pipeline is easy in Coalesce. Each screen and button is designed to provide access to everything you need. Want to edit the native-SQL manually? No problem.

Native Git integration

Your data team has more control over every project—from comparing code side-by-side to instantly seeing project and audit history.

Automated documentation

Table-level and column-level lineage is automatically provided and always up-to-date. Easily describe each data element to ensure your data will be understood and interpreted by any user.

See how Coalesce can transform your data and your business.

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