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Make transformations a true team sport

One of the biggest challenges data architects face is how to empower their teams to work as consistently as possible while finding efficient ways to codify, extend and iterate their work as needed.

Coalesce enables your entire organization to gain visibility into shared data projects and maintain a steady, sustainable pace of development with the help of a single transformation platform that’s collaborative to the core.

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Craft quality datasets for richer insights

Ensure every member of the team gets up to speed quickly and can contribute equally to projects with a low-code/no-code solution that’s suitable for all SQL users.

Coalesce helps you govern your data by providing editable and shareable data patterns that standardize common transformations. The result? Less time spent on repetitive tasks and hunting down discrepancies in your data pipelines – just clean, curated datasets that are ready in a snap.

Get instant context on the origins and evolution of your data

Not everyone can or wants to write code to understand the state of their data warehouse. The good news is – you don’t have to.

Coalesce’s code-first and GUI-driven experience helps all types of data professionals visually explore their data pipelines and effectively transform, track and understand their data at a finer level of granularity with column lineage and details on relevant transformations performed along the way.

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