Take your data transformations to the next level

Develop at speed with the best of code-first, GUI-based design

While a command line makes coding easy, a CLI-only interface forces you to look through logs to fully grasp the state of your data warehouse.

Now you can visually design and create versions of your data warehouse more efficiently without sacrificing the power and control of a CLI. Choose how much – or little – you want to code, and let Coalesce automate the rest.

Make sweeping changes to data projects in a matter of clicks

Save time by making bulk edits to your data down to the column level with reusable, customizable data patterns that serve as shortcuts for frequently-used transformations.

Accelerate data preparation and minimize repetitive work by automatically generating best-practice, Snowflake-native SQL.

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Understand and manage your data platform down to the column level

Gain column-level insights with the only transformation solution that provides a full understanding of how columns in your data model are interconnected.

Build powerful templates that are column-aware and flex to the level of depth you need, and simplify the effort needed to make column-level changes.

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