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Hands-On Lab | April 24, 2024 | 10AM AEST

Supercharge data transformations

We work hand in hand with the Snowflake product team to ensure a near-native experience. This means that data engineers of all levels can deliver enterprise-level transformations utilising turn-key CI/CD, Dynamic Tables, User-Defined Nodes, and accelerating data modelling experiences such as Data Vault while performing faster than ever before.

Join this hands-on lab to learn how to visually transform your Snowflake data with Coalesce, the only data transformation solution uniquely built for the Data Cloud. By using Coalesce, you can deploy more data projects more often and confidently, all while taking advantage of Snowflake’s latest features.

For the best experience, please sign up for a Snowflake trial account. Once you’ve activated your Snowflake account, create a Coalesce trial account via Snowflake’s Partner Connect portal.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Rishu Saxena
Rishu Saxena
Principal Solutions


Sagar Kulkarni
Sagar Kulkarni
Senior Sales


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