We’re thrilled to announce that Coalesce has achieved Premier Technology tier partner status from Snowflake, the Data Cloud company.

We achieved Premier status just two months after becoming a Snowflake partner and less than seven months after coming out of stealth—and we’re not surprised!

Coalesce was engineered from the ground up to support Snowflake exclusively. Our founders and engineers are closely familiar with Snowflake’s platform and our product capabilities expand Snowflake’s innovations in cloud computing in the data transformation space. With Coalesce, analysts and data engineers can move and transform their data within Snowflake with very little coding. Coalesce automatically generates Snowflake SQL and can even automate the creation of Snowflake features such as Streams and Tasks. Kent Graziano, Snowflake’s former Chief Technical Evangelist and now a strategic advisor to Coalesce, says it best: it’s a match made in the cloud!

So what does becoming a Snowflake Premier Technology partner mean for our customers?

The Snowflake Partner Network unlocks the potential of the Data Cloud with a broad array of tools and partners. Among other things, achieving the Premier partner tier required 70+ Snowflake customers to be using Coalesce to build and manage their data pipelines. Our user base is skyrocketing, and already includes multiple Fortune 500 companies. For our customers, this means an ecosystem and product that are rapidly maturing and improving every day!

In addition, achieving Premier Technology Partner status means Coalesce will soon be available through Snowflake Partner Connect, giving Snowflake customers the ability to connect and begin building with Coalesce directly through their Snowflake account in just a few clicks.

Where is all this momentum coming from? It all comes down to Snowflake customers looking to drive business value from their investment in the Data Cloud by optimizing their data transformation processes.

With Coalesce, data teams can automate what are typically manual and time-consuming data transformation processes, saving time and resources spent on data prep and documentation, to get the most out of Snowflake and their organization’s data. Coalesce customers have reported results ranging from 5x to 100x productivity increase for users who previously wrote SQL manually or used alternative transformation tools. This reduces the need for additional headcount (which is hard to come by these days!) and can drastically reduce timelines for greenfield Snowflake projects, migrations, and expansions.

Coalesce offers data engineers and developers the efficiency of a GUI without sacrificing the flexibility of a code-first approach. This is made possible by our column-aware architecture. Coalesce was designed from the ground up to be aware of every column in every table within a Snowflake environment, and uses the column-level metadata as the building blocks of everything the user is building in the GUI.

Put simply, this gives our customers a much more granular and flexible GUI than anything else on the market, which in turn automatically generates the corresponding SnowSQL code and pushes it down to Snowflake.

This has a few game-changing consequences:

  • New, greenfield data models or migrations, which previously would have taken months or years to build and ship to production, now take mere days or weeks.
  • Ongoing change management becomes much more efficient. Column-level lineage combined with automatic SQL generation makes things like propagating a new column to dozens of downstream tables as simple as a few clicks, done correctly the first time.
  • The SQL is standardized and documentation is automatically generated. This not only ensures efficient code regardless of the SQL skill level of the user, but also eliminates tribal knowledge, making it easy for one engineer to pick up where another left off. This makes large data models much more manageable at scale.

Interested in taking Coalesce for a spin? Launch Coalesce with Snowflake Partner Connect or contact us to request a demo.

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