Coalesce Introduces Collaborative Data Transformation Features at Snowflake Summit 2023

New capabilities improve data observability and team productivity on the Snowflake Data Cloud

LAS VEGAS – June 27, 2023 – Coalesce, the data transformation company, today announced at Snowflake’s annual user conference, Snowflake Summit 2023, upcoming collaborative features that help data teams transform data faster at any scale. These new capabilities improve data accessibility and boost the performance of data initiatives for their customers.

As one of the only transformation solutions built exclusively for the Snowflake Data Cloud, Coalesce revolutionizes the “T” in the ELT data management process by combining the flexibility of code and the speed of automation, in an intuitive visual interface. This next-generation architecture provides a highly efficient user- and team-experience for converting raw data in Snowflake into consumable business-ready data for use in business intelligence and data science use cases. 

The latest platform upgrades include a new feature called “Projects,” which organizes data transformation pipelines into distinct workspaces within Coalesce. Over the next few months, customers will be able to share transformed data and track its evolution across projects. 

“Projects make the data transformation process more inclusive by allowing people to collaborate on interrelated efforts, with the context they need to be extremely productive,” said Armon Petrossian, Coalesce’s CEO and co-founder. “This leads to faster development and better observability across departments.” 

New Coalesce features, available over the next few weeks, include:

  • Projects – An organizational feature that segments data pipelines into logical groups. Each project includes its own user permissions, git repository, development workspaces, and deployable environments. 
  • Deployment Dashboard – An operational dashboard that tracks job statuses and history across environments.
  • Metadata API – A new REST API that shares contextual details about jobs, data warehouse objects, and data lineage with other solutions like data catalogs.

In addition to these new platform features, Coalesce will introduce major Projects-related enhancements over the next few months that:

  • Improve Data Accessibility – Data experts across an organization can discover and utilize published data objects to efficiently build transformation pipelines on a unified platform. 
  • Accelerate Performance – By organizing data warehousing efforts into domain-specific pipelines, large organizations can efficiently manage complex use cases with teams executing on different timelines. Projects allows for more efficient pipeline development, improved UI performance, and faster code deployments while maintaining data lineage and observability down to the column level across workspaces.
  • Enhance Data Integrity – Data quality and governance is delivered through secure cross-project linking, node/object versioning, and role-based access permissions. Metadata threaded through previously siloed data projects provides essential context for data lineage and usage, as well as identifying change impact. 

These cutting-edge capabilities are crucial to implementing a data mesh framework, which promotes interconnectivity and sharing curated data as inputs for other data projects within an organization. 

“Coalesce’s expanded collaborative transformation capabilities on the Data Cloud are exciting,” said Tarik Dwiek, Head of Technology Alliances at Snowflake. “Our customers emphasize the importance of teamwork in speeding up analytics projects and generating valuable insights. When domain experts share expertly crafted data and eliminate silos, quality improves and better decision-making follows.”

Coalesce will be at Snowflake Summit in Las Vegas from June 26-29. Be sure to check out the Snowflake Summit 2023 keynotes live or on-demand here and stay on top of the latest news and announcements from Snowflake on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Visit Coalesce at Basecamp West booth #1300 or at their hospitality suite in the Venetian Hotel to learn more. Coalesce is demonstrating their platform during three in-person sessions at Snowflake Summit:

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