Coffee with Coalesce

The Datapreneurs and the Future of Data and AI with Bob Muglia and Kent Graziano

We’re extremely excited to welcome Bob Muglia to Coffee with Coalesce. The former Microsoft exec and Snowflake CEO doesn’t need an introduction in the data community: a legendary leader whose work has shaped our industry, Muglia joins us to talk about his new book, The Datapreneurs. Hosted by Coalesce co-founders Armon Petrossian and Satish Jayanthi, and Coalesce advisor Kent Graziano.

Watch the full episode to hear Muglia and Graziano’s take on:

  • how AI and LLMs will change the Modern Data Stack
  • how AI and LLMs will change data engineering
  • the future of SQL and knowledge graphs
  • Muglia’s “you heard it here first” take on Data Mesh
  • and much more!

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