Virtual Event

Demos with Doug

Building Snowflake Cortex ML-Based
Functions in Coalesce

Watch this technical demo to learn how to use Snowflake Cortex and Coalesce to detect patterns in your data with ML-based functions. Doug Barrett, Principal Solutions Architect alongside fellow data pro Ellery Berk, ML Product Manager at Snowflake, explain how data teams can use Snowflake Cortex and Coalesce together to generate automated predictions and intelligent insights.

This session includes live product demos and Q&A, co-hosted by Armon Petrossian, CEO at Coalesce. You’ll learn how to:

  • Use Snowflake Cortex for a variety of ML-enabled use cases, from time-series forecasting to anomaly detection and root cause analysis
  • Train machine learning models on time-series data in Coalesce with a few simple steps
  • Use Coalesce to take advantage of Snowflake’s growing ML capabilities


Doug Barrett
Principal Solutions Architect

Armon Petrossian
CEO & Co-founder

Ellery Berk
ML Product Lead at Snowflake

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