Demos with Doug

Making Your Metadata Work for You with Atlan and Coalesce

Join us for a technical livestream and learn how to build a holistic view of your DataOps across your organization with the help of an active metadata lake and column-aware transformation platform. Data pros Doug Barrett, Principal Solutions Architect at Coalesce and Eric Veleker, Founder’s Office, Product & Engineering at Atlan will explain how Coalesce and Atlan help data teams collaborate and produce quality data products by having full visibility into data usage, lineage and metadata. 

This session includes live product demos and Q&A, co-hosted by Armon Petrossian, CEO at Coalesce. You’ll find out how to:

  • Quickly search for specific data with the help of native integrations and easy-to-use APIs
  • Transform data visually at scale with end-to-end column lineage throughout your data pipelines
  • Gain a 360-degree view into your data assets and evaluate their suitability for your analytics needs
  • Consolidate and surface metadata on your Snowflake data to data consumers within your organization

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