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Introducing the only data transformation tool built for scale

Existing data transformation tools don’t support enterprise scale. That simple truth is the biggest lesson I learned from my time at WhereScape, and it’s the reason we started Coalesce.

As more organizations move to the cloud, the weaknesses in their data transformation tools is becoming apparent. Demands around scalability, manageability, efficiency, governance, and automation increase dramatically when you move from an on-premise platform supporting a few dozen use cases to a cloud platform that is the backbone of thousands. Transforming data properly has become the largest bottleneck for enabling such use cases.

Since its inception, Coalesce has been focused on solving one critical problem: how to make data transformations as efficient as possible without sacrificing any flexibility. Today, we start to take the covers off the amazing technology we’ve built to address this challenge. Technology that has potential to not just revolutionize the data transformation space, but the entire analytics landscape.

Over the coming weeks and months, I look forward to sharing more of our vision, our team, our product, and the groundbreaking technology that makes it all possible.



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