Coffee with Coalesce

Live conversations with experts transforming the data industry


Welcome to the first Coffee with Coalesce: a series of live conversations with experts, thought leaders, and interesting people from the data community!

In this episode, co-founders Armon Petrossian and Satish Jayanthi sat down with Kent Graziano to talk about the latest big disruption in the data space: automating data transformations. Find out what attracted Kent to Coalesce after he retired from his role as Chief Technical Evangelist at Snowflake, see a demo of the Coalesce product, and how its column-aware architecture will transform the data space.

You’ll learn:

  • Kent’s thoughts on GUI v code approaches and how Coalesce solves the shortcomings of each
  • Data governance: How user-defined nodes help data architects implement data standards at scale
  • What is “Column awareness”

Coalesce demo:

  • Build and Deploy in Coalesce
  • Add Snowflake data sources to SQL pipeline
  • Create your own node types in Coalesce
  • Streams and Tasks functionality in Snowflake built into Coalesce
  • How Coalesce solves column lineage with column awareness
  • Propagating column-level changes at scale

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