Our latest release packs a wealth of new and improved features

Coalesce engineers have been hard at work and we are excited to share with you the latest updates to our product.

We’ve rolled out improvements to key Coalesce features and capabilities, as well as new capabilities that offer our customers more flexibility and control over their data pipelines. Here are the highlights:

Node Selector

In Coalesce, a Node is a logical unit of work that represents a table, a view, or multiple Snowflake objects in it. The Node Selector is a feature that allows you to query a set of nodes based on attributes such as name, the type of node, or its lineage to other nodes.

In the past, customers were only able to select nodes based on the name attribute. With our new release, you are able to select nodes based on five attributes: node name, node ID, node type name, storage location name, and subgraph name.

This not only saves time—you can now select objects for bulk operations—but also offers more flexibility in how data pipelines are viewed. Perhaps most importantly, our customers will be able to define jobs with more granularity and control (more on this in the next section, Jobs).


Previously, our customers defined their jobs by manually dragging individual nodes or subgraphs from the node browser into the job. Additionally, when adding a node to a job, all children of that node were previously added to the job automatically, with no ability to exclude them.

Now, our customers have full control over defining jobs, as well as the ability to define which specific nodes to include into a job (and which to exclude), by using the new node selector capabilities we introduced in the previous section.


Column Bulk Editor

You can now bulk-edit column names in Coalesce, with full Jinja support. This allows users to quickly perform renaming tasks like adding prefixes or applying naming standards. Additionally, you can now do this not only within one node, but across many nodes in your DAG, saving time and eliminating tedious work.

Want to give these features a try? Launch Coalesce with Snowflake Partner Connect or contact us to request a demo.

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