Coffee with Coalesce

The Future of Data Modeling with Kent Graziano and Matt Florian


Data Modeling is back in vogue, but here’s the twist: there’s a better way to do it with tools and technology built for the cloud. Data veterans Kent Graziano and Matt Florian discuss data modeling best practices in the cloud era. Hosted by Coalesce CEO Armon Petrossian.

Watch the full episode to learn:

  • What is data modeling
  • Why data modeling took a backseat and the dangers of agile
  • Why is data modeling making a roaring comeback
  • How bad data modeling can drive up your compute costs
  • How can companies of various sizes approach data modeling to ensure a successful analytics organization
  • Coalesce as a data modeling tool: How Coalesce enables you to visually design, with intent, what you want your data model to be

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