Service Level Addendum

Service Availability Objective

The availability objective (“Availability Objective“) is a measure of the time that Customer and Contacts are guaranteed to be able to utilize the Coalesce Platform. The Availability Objective is expressed on a monthly basis.

  • Availability: 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
  • Availability Objective: 99.9%

The Availability Objective is intended to measure the percentage of time the Coalesce Platform are available during a month. It is calculated as follows:

Availability Objective = (Potential Uptime-Outage Time)/Potential Uptime x 100


Potential Uptime is the number of minutes in the calendar month less Excluded Time.

Outage Time is the number of minutes that the Service was unavailable during the calendar month. Outage Time does not include Excluded Time.

Excluded Time means the number of minutes during Force Majeure Events and Scheduled Maintenance.

Force Majeure Event is any occurrence or contingency beyond Coalesce’s reasonable control, including but not limited to riots, acts of terrorism, war, any negligent act by Customer, any problem with any system or technology not in Coalesce’s control, including without limitation any problem associated with the Internet, a telecommunications service Coalesce, applications, equipment or facilities located on Customer’s premises, Coalesce or Customer’s ISP, or any third-party interface that the Coalesce Platform rely upon.

Scheduled Maintenance is any non-emergency maintenance on the Coalesce Platform of which the Customer is notified in advance.

Scheduled Maintenance 

Coalesce will endeavor to only carry out maintenance work that is likely to affect the availability of the Coalesce Platform between 1:00 am ET – 9:00 am ET. Scheduled Maintenance will conform to the following limitations:

  • Minimum Notice Period prior to Scheduled Maintenance: 2 days.
  • Maximum Number of Scheduled Maintenance action per month exceeding 15 minutes: 4.
  • Maximum Duration of any Scheduled Maintenance action in any month: 4 hours.


This SLA does not include Coalesce’s performance of any Customer specific or Customer requested maintenance or other services, coding, or configuration. It covers only uptime of the Coalesce Platform.


If Coalesce’s does not meet the Availability Objective, Customer will be entitled to service credits equal to the value of one day of Service in the following month (“Service Credits) on a cumulative basis. Those translate into a percentage of the fees collected for that month. They are defined as follows:

  • < 99.9% – >= 99.8%: 1
  • < 99.8% – >= 99.7%: 2
  • < 99.7% : 3

For clarity, Service Credits accumulate based on each range of Availability Objective Percentage, up to a maximum of 6 Service Credits in a month. For example, if the Availability Objective for a month is 99.71%, then Customer will receive 3 total Service Credits: 1 for the first range and 2 for the second range.

In order to receive any of the Service Credits described above, Customer must notify Coalesce within thirty days from the time Customer becomes eligible to receive a Service Credit. Failure to comply with this requirement will forfeit Customer’s right to receive a Service Credit. The Service Credit will be applied to the bill in the month immediately following the month in which Customer has notified Coalesce that a Service Credit was earned. Service Credits cannot be rolled over to subsequent months.

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