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Streamline your SAP analytics environment

SAP systems can be complex, siloed, and expensive to maintain, but they remain rich sources of insight for organizations that can use the high-volume, high-quality data locked within them.

Integrating SAP data into a cloud data architecture is no easy task—it starts with finding the right raw data scattered across thousands of tables in different systems and ends with applying significant transformations ahead of advanced analysis.

Optimize pipeline development for accessible and actionable insights

Whether you’re looking to combine your SAP data with non-SAP sources, run analytical or machine learning workloads, perform historical analysis, or mine for deeper insights, you’ll need the best data foundation to do it successfully. Automate the most manual and time-consuming aspects of the enterprise ELT process with Coalesce, Snowflake, and Fivetran.

Fivetran replicates high-volume SAP data from siloed sources into Snowflake’s Manufacturing Data Cloud, while Coalesce helps you develop data projects of any type and complexity for consistently updated, low-maintenance and scalable pipelines.

“The combination of Coalesce and Fivetran has helped us re-imagine how to get the most from Snowflake by automating the complicated, manual aspects of ingesting and transforming data. Our team can now build and execute on current projects while planning for future needs, knowing we have the flexibility to deliver and manage optimized pipelines at scale.”

Ajay Bidani
Data and Insights Manager, Powell Industries

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