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Rearchitecting a data warehouse

Rebuild your data warehouse at speed with automated SQL and documentation

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Snowflake standard SQL and COA plans

Automate… then rebuild

It’s an unfortunately common irony that the moment you’re done building your data warehouse, your business has changed to the point where you probably need to re-build it! The signs are always the same: requests from the business are piling up, data marts are proliferating, and as time goes on every new change and update takes longer and longer to put into action. You know you want to rebuild, and you have a vision for what your architecture will be, but how can you put it into action while keeping the current DWH up and operational?

Instead of an army of consultants, you can rearchitect your existing warehouse yourself using Coalesce: automatically create and fully document Snowflake standard SQL for your new DWH, and even develop COA plans so you can see the impact of the changes you want to make before you actually make them.

Column-aware architecture and automated documentation

Grow flexibly into the future

As you think about rearchitecting your data warehouse, flexibility for the future is likely top of mind. Ideally, you wouldn’t have to rebuild for a long long time. In order to do this, you’ll need to have a data model that is flexible and adaptive to new data, along with a faultless documentation system to ensure you always know where you are and where you have been.

Coalesce’s column-aware architecture enables you to plan for the data of the future by enabling you to retroactively change and add new columns at any time with a few strokes. New data, no problem. At the same time, Coalesce automatically documents your pipeline so you can not only understand but share why a table looks the way it does and the types of answers it can provide. This enables you to be more flexible for the business, but also preemptively answer repetitive questions from analysts. Coalesce even helps you stick to best practices as you follow leading methodologies like Data Vault 2.0. 

Coalesce's unique code first, GUI driven experience is a fundamentally different approach to managing data transformations.

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