Getting Started with Coalesce and Snowflake

15-Minute Demo

Find out why Coalesce is key to transforming your data faster in Snowflake. Join Christina Jimenez, Director of Product Marketing to learn how to get started with Coalesce in just a few clicks using Snowflake Partner Connect, visually create a basic star schema using data in Snowflake, build modifiable pipelines faster by automating manual transformations, and more.

In this demo, you’ll also learn how to:

  • Navigate the Coalesce interface
  • Prepare your data in Snowflake for transformations
  • Join nodes and transform multiple columns at once
  • Build out pipelines and adjust them on the fly
  • Leverage git for version control
  • Deploy to a non-development environment

Want to give Coalesce a spin? Try it for free or request a demo here.

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