Fast-Track Snowflake Project Development and Delivery With Coalesce Marketplace

Introducing a new feature that bundles transformation patterns to accelerate pipeline development

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    Creating data projects manually from scratch is often time-consuming and repetitive work. This initial development can suck up valuable time from data teams, making it harder to work through project backlogs while trying to keep pipelines running smoothly at the same time.

    To accelerate the initial development process, we are launching Coalesce Marketplace, a new enhancement that makes building, troubleshooting, and delivering Snowflake projects simpler and more time efficient for data teams. Coalesce Marketplace is a centralized library that provides data teams with templated collections of code, known as Packages. Every Package provides a curated selection of different Snowflake objects (known as node types in Coalesce), which are bundled together for a particular purpose, such as building out declarative data pipelines or implementing a Data Vault.


    Why we built Coalesce Marketplace

    Every aspect of Coalesce is designed to help data teams operate as productively as possible when working with Snowflake. Part of that vision is to help developers avoid becoming mired in spaghetti code, which becomes increasingly difficult to manage as data projects naturally evolve and grow. When managing code becomes a full-time job, there’s no bandwidth left for data teams to get caught up on delayed projects, or focus on innovating and experimenting with their data platform.

    By creating a free offering of Packages that are quick and simple for Coalesce customers to find and use, data teams can minimize repetitive work when building common transformation patterns, and deliver large, complex data projects in a much shorter time. Building with Packages also levels the development play field for all data team members regardless of coding proficiency and skill set, as developers, architects, and analysts alike can use Packages as building blocks for their Snowflake projects in Coalesce and customize them to the needs of their business.

    what's holding your team back?

    By consistently building with Packages from Coalesce Marketplace, Coalesce customers can rapidly develop, iterate, and deliver data projects in a standardized fashion without creating tech debt in the process. Large and evolving data projects on Snowflake are simpler to understand, manage, and troubleshoot—giving data teams the means to produce trustworthy, quality data projects quickly while gaining time back in their day.


    How Coalesce Marketplace works

    Customers can browse Coalesce Marketplace for Packages that are best suited to their project needs. All Packages are free and certified to have undergone extensive performance, quality, and deployment testing. Data teams can choose from a variety of Packages that are designed to:

    • Speed up foundational development activities with basic, ready-made node types for Work, Dimension, Fact, and View tables
    • Maximize the power of Snowflake innovation with support for Dynamic Tables, Streams & Tasks, Materialized Views, Snowflake Cortex ML-based functions, external data loading with Snowpark, and more
    • Streamline work on methodology-related initiatives such as building a Data Vault
    • Accelerate AI- and ML-focused innovation with custom node types to operationalize anomaly detection, forecasting, sentiment analysis, and more in Snowflake data pipelines

    All Packages are immediately available to use in your Coalesce environment once installed.


    Building with Coalesce Marketplace moving forward

    In the future, Coalesce customers will have the opportunity to create their own Packages, and share them within their organizations or with the broader Coalesce community through Coalesce Marketplace.

    This exchange of transformation patterns and best practices will allow data teams to share insights across departmental and even organizational borders—providing a significant boost in saved time when compared to building transformations and entire projects from scratch. Exchanging Packages via Coalesce Marketplace also enables data teams to uphold organizational data standards and impart a fuller understanding of data lineage, giving all data users more confidence in the quality of their data.

    “We’re imagining a future where data teams can find and load entire data pipelines from Coalesce Marketplace, not just individual Packages,” says Greg Henkhaus, Head of Product at Coalesce. “For example, you could be working on a project that uses SAP data, and find the ideal DAG or graph on Coalesce Marketplace for your use case that someone else has created. By loading that DAG into your environment and flowing your data through it almost immediately, you’re way ahead of where you would be time-wise if you had started building your pipeline from scratch.”

    Coalesce Marketplace is currently available in private preview. To learn more, contact your Coalesce sales team to join the early release.

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