Coffee with Coalesce

The State of Data Engineering with "Seattle Data Guy" Ben Rogojan

In our latest Coffee with Coalesce episode, Coalesce CEO Armon Petrossian and Head of Customer Experience Stewart Bryson sat down with Benjamin Rogojan, a.k.a. Seattle Data Guy, to talk where 2023 is going for data and data teams.

Watch the full episode to learn:

  • Top expectations for data engineering teams in 2023, including how to measure the ROI of the team
  • Build vs buy data platforms and solutions: rethinking decisions in today’s economy
  • The cost of compute vs the cost of people: which one matters more?
  • Will 2023 finally be the year of data quality?
  • How are data teams changing in today’s economy
  • ChatGPT: will it impact data engineers?

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