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Data Contracts and Top Data Engineering Trends with Chad Sanderson

We’re talking data engineering trends (and busts) with Chad Sanderson, head of data at Convoy. From data contracts and data mesh, to AI/ML and data governance and quality, we’ll explore the main topics and pain points impacting your work today, and our predictions for 2023. Hosted by Coalesce CEO Armon Petrossian and CTO Satish Jayanthi.

Watch the full episode to learn:

  • What are data contracts: key definitions
  • Why data and infrastructure problems inspired the idea for data contracts
  • How data contracts help enforce data governance
  • How data contracts differ from APIs
  • When are data contracts most effective
  • How data contracts relate to data mesh
  • How to effectively apply data contracts to data modeling
  • How data contracts can help remove the biggest bottleneck in businesses deriving true value from AI/ML

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