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Migrating a data warehouse

Migrate your data warehouse in a fraction of the time with Coalesce

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Snowflake standard SQL with automated documentation

Migrate to the future

You know what you have: lot’s of SQL and stored procedures. You know you want to move to Snowflake. But where do you get started? It can take months or years to properly migrate an enterprise scale data warehouse, and that’s assuming you are relying on a huge team.

With Coalesce you can efficiently move to Snowflake by generating the Snowflake standard SQL you’ll need based on the data model you select and the nodes you create. Of course, everything you create is customizable with SQL and Jinja code, and documented with full lineage so that you can finally have an accurate view of your data warehouse and how it has changed over time. Into the future, you can architect standardized node types so you can keep the standards you chose as you expand and scale.

Create standardized objects and templates

Speedy standardization

Over time, data warehouses tend to become a swamp of quick fixes and difficult compromises that rarely play nicely with each-other. Documentation of these band-aid solutions and compromises is always difficult to find. As you migrate, somehow you have to re-create what you already have and improve on it at the same time.

Coalesce can help you migrate as efficiently as possible by giving you the freedom to recreate the SQL you already have in Snowflake standard SQL. For example, as you rebuild type II dimensions, you can create surrogate keys with Coalesce instead of being forced to use hash values like many competitors. The best part? Everything that you create in Coalesce is documented with column-aware metadata so you can adapt to new data, new use cases, and new analyses as your business grows. Coalesce will even keep automated documentation along with table-level and column-level lineage.

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