Operationalizing ML in Your Coalesce Data Pipelines with Snowflake Cortex

Virtual Hands-On Lab | Jun 25, 2024 | 10AM CET

Join us for a live, virtual hands-on lab and learn how to use Snowflake Cortex and Coalesce to detect patterns in your data with ML-based functions. This 90-minute session will walk you through how to prepare your Snowflake data for advanced analytics with Coalesce pattern-based development approach.

This session is guided by our finest product experts who will explain how to:

  • Use Snowflake Cortex for a variety of ML-enabled use cases, from time-series forecasting to anomaly detection and root cause analysis
  • Train machine learning models on time-series data in Coalesce with a few simple steps
  • Use Coalesce to take advantage of Snowflake’s growing ML capabilities, and more

For the best experience, please sign up for a Snowflake trial account. Once you’ve activated your Snowflake account, create a Coalesce trial account via Snowflake’s Partner Connect portal.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Mark Van Der Heijden
Lead Sales Engineer

Glen Dawson
Senior Solutions Architect

Frederik Naessens
Lead Architect

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