Speeding from Snowflake Data to Value with Sigma and Coalesce

Live | June 8, 2023 | 9 AM PST

Tune into this technical livestream to learn how to rapidly model and visualize data in Snowflake at scale. Join data experts Doug Barrett, Principal Solutions Architect at Coalesce and Nate Meinzer, Partner Sales Engineer at Sigma as they share how data transformation automation and embedded analytics are changing the game when it comes to getting the most out of your data.

This session includes live product demos and Q&A, co-hosted by Armon Petrossian, CEO at Coalesce. You’ll find out how to:

  • Denormalize, clean and land data into Snowflake
  • Visually build data pipelines and automatically parse semi-structured data
  • Explore newly transformed data directly from Snowflake with Sigma
  • Create powerful dashboards in a fraction of the time

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Doug Barrett
Principal Solutions Architect Coalesce
Nate Meinzer
Manager, Partner Engineering Sigma

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