Create a solid data foundation for AI / ML

Garbage in, garbage out

The benefits of generative AI and machine learning are countless — if you have the right data foundation for success.

Lay the groundwork for productive AI and ML initiatives by transforming your Snowflake data into quality datasets that power accurate, reliable, and performant models.

Bring ML to where your data lives

Enrich your data pipelines with machine learning functionality with the power of Coalesce and Snowflake Cortex, Snowflake’s intelligent, fully managed service that enables organizations to quickly analyze data and build AI applications.

Give all SQL users access to the power of machine learningML in their data projects by rapidly building Snowflake Cortex ML functions with an iterative, pattern-based development approach.

Scale your models – and your pipelines

Getting the most value from AI and ML models means operationalizing them at scale across your organization. To do so, you’ll need a standardized, collaborative way to quickly build enterprise-grade data pipelines that support them.

Invest in Snowflake automation capabilities that scale with you and make developing, maintaining and troubleshooting your data projects a breeze.

Explore next-gen data transformations for yourself

Get Hours of Development Work Done In Minutes