Coalesce for Data Mesh

From data mess to data mesh

Data mesh architectures deliver the best of what decentralized data ownership offers – the ability to connect data teams with relevant data from across their organization when they need it most.

With Coalesce automating the process of building, managing and deploying Snowflake data projects, you can successfully pursue your data mesh strategy with improved data visibility, governance and collaboration.

Empower every team to create data products

Bring all SQL users onto a single platform while abstracting away the complexity of building data pipelines. Build out your domain-driven architecture with a self-service platform that helps data teams work as productively as possible and stays manageable and organized over time.

Rolling out data standards and best practices

Learn how Paytronix standardized and governed the generation of data products across their organization with the help of Coalesce’s collaboration capabilities, giving their data teams end-to-end pipeline visibility and halving data platform costs.

“The most valuable part of building out our data mesh architecture with Coalesce was having a way to collaborate and share data across our company while delineating the responsibilities and ownership across the different teams involved.”

Susan Kolesnikov
Data Engineer, Paytronix

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