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Hybrid interface and Snowflake standard SQL

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Now that you’ve chosen Snowflake for your business, you need to get your enterprise data warehouse running ASAP. You’ve likely got a vision of where you want to code, but getting there can sometimes feel like a daunting task. The natural reaction in many organizations is to hire an army of contractors and consultants to start building, but any good architect knows that the resulting spaghetti code won’t be worth the hours and hours it took to explain your vision and manage the resulting project.

With Coalesce, you can take a different approach. You and your team can create standardized database objects quickly with our GUI, and then customize anything with code. This means you can build out your entire data model in flash, and all with Snowflake standard SQL. Then, you can build in your enterprise standards using customizable object templates that anyone on your team can replicate in the future. 

Coalesce's unique code first, GUI driven experience is a fundamentally different approach to managing data transformations.
Automated documentation and COA plans

Documentation and metadata for the future

As you go through the enormous effort of creating a new data warehouse, you’re probably hoping not to have to rebuild it again anytime soon. The key to keeping a data warehouse useful and operational well into the future is creating it with standardized code, faultless documentation, and flexible templates. To help you do that, Coalesce’s Column Aware Architecture automatically keeps full documentation of your data warehouse, gives you instantaneous impact analysis prior to any changes, and enables you to add and alter the columns in your tables without any downtime.

You can even create COA plans to see the impact of any changes before you deploy to prod. This gives you an incredible ability to know where you have been, know where you are, and plan for the future of your data warehouse.

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