The Top Data and Technology Trends for 2023 and Beyond

As 2023 is expected to bring a renewed focus on profitability over growth at all costs for businesses, we anticipate data will only become more important as a means of driving business value, customer loyalty, and continued innovation.

To break down where data is headed, we’ve compiled our own data predictions based on analysis and insights from Coalesce executives, partners, and thought leaders across the data industry.

From the return of data modeling and the growing importance of automation to more expansive data governance and the democratization of data, we've outlined the top trends in data for 2023 and beyond.

  • Data Democratization–Within Limits
  • Greater Focus on Data Governance
  • Increased Data Mesh Adoption
  • Data Contracts Enter the Scene
  • The Rise of Data as a Product (DaaP)
  • The Emergence of Data Architecture as a Service (DAaaS)
  • Data Modeling Makes a Comeback
  • More Data-Driven Automation
  • AI/ML: Beyond the Hype
  • Looking Ahead

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Ethan Aaron
CEO & Co-Founder Portable
Tony Dahlager
Managing Director Analytics8
Wayne Eckerson
President Eckerson Group
Matt Florian
Partner/Cloud Analytics Practice Director COMERIT
Kent Graziano
Chief Strategic Advisor Data Warrior LLC
Satish Jayanthi
CTO & Co-founder
Armon Petrossian
Armon Petrossian
Chad Sanderson
Chief Operator Data Quality Camp
Michael Tantrum
National Sales Director Resultant

“In 2023, I expect to see a much greater adoption of automation tools to enable us to derive value from data faster. It will be a new era for data transformation and delivery platforms. The legacy ETL and ELT tools that got us this far will fall by the wayside as modern automation tools come to the fore with their simplicity and ease of use.” – Kent Graziano, The Data Warrior

30% lower operational costs by 2024 for organizations that combine hyperautomation technologies with redesigned operational processes.
Source: Gartner.

“It’s no longer good enough to just build a data warehouse. You have to add context and document how you built it. Data lineage, quality, glossaries—all these things are baked into good governance because without them, how can people trust what you’ve built?”
– Michael Tantrum, National Sales Director, Resultant

“As hyped as it was, machine learning and artificial intelligence is going to fundamentally change how the industry values data. In a world where some automated system is making a decision, especially when that decision impacts someone in real life, be it in the medical or automotive space, the data is going to become critical.”
– Chad Sanderson, Chief Operator, Data Quality Camp

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